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Brian Mulligan

The Mulligan Concept is a unique approach to manual therapy discovered and developed by physiotherapist Brian Mulligan of Wellington, New Zealand. This simple yet effective manual approach addresses musculoskeletal disorders with pain free manual joint “repositioning” techniques for restoration of function and abolition of pain.


A Mulligan Concept course is technical, post-graduate instruction of manual therapy techniques taught by an accredited member of the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association.  The curriculum in the USA consists of four 2-day courses:

Course A: Upper Quarter 

 Course B: Lower Quarter

Course C: Advanced


Jacksonville Physical Therapy's Don Reordan is an accredited member of the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association and has been the principal instructor in postgraduate manual therapy courses since 1998. He served as the MCTA Regional Manager in North America from 1999 - 2013.

Don Reordan

Interested in hosting a Mulligan Concept Course at your facility? 
Bring education to your clinic. Save time, money and travel!

Please see the following document for detailed information on all our courses. The Lower Quarter or the Upper Quarter courses are equally good places to start your mobilization with movement training.

In general, a Mulligan course has 20-30 participants, but can have as few as 12 and as many as 400. If there are greater than 30 participants, we bring multiple instructors.  A minimum of 1 table for every 3 participants is needed, with room to move around and practice.  Tables can be plinths, massage tables, high low tables, or even regular sturdy tables if necessary.

Many courses start with a few participants from the clinic and get filled by advertising the course to the public on our website.  We also offer private courses if you have enough internal participants to fill a course.

To arrange a course, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly to discuss details: 

Hosting Form
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